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When Hong Dali exited out to the main hall of the government office, everyone was already ready and waiting. They stood neatly together in a group. Hong Dali spoke to the pocket-sized dragon swirling around the Dragon Blood Ring. Return!


“A super-genius who passed level 30 appeared on Shenluo City. Therefore, the Galaxy Aristocrats are looking for this person now. All those who can provide accurate information on this person will be rewarded with five million Galaxy Dollars. If this mystery person actively appears and shows himself in Shenluo City’s city owner’s house, you will be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat and enjoy tons of special treatments given by the Galaxy Aristocrats and become a target that the Galaxy Aristocrats will heavily groom.”


Go and die! A book connected with Hong Dalis head. It was thrown by Jiang Qianxue. Its not a big deal to be impulsive once in a while. Its not as bad as you make it sound.


“This…” Jiang Qianxue fiddled nervously with the corner of her clothing. “Since we are experimental lovers, I should sleep with you tonight, right? Oh, don’t worry. I will control myself and not force myself on you…”


It was rare for such a super genius to appear in the Milky Way. But this person could not be located. This made the old man feel aggrievedwas it easy for the genius?


That little brat? When Hong Dali was mentioned, Jiang Dongliu immediately started laughing. Smacking his thigh, he said, The brat is uncommonly kind. I met him the day he killed Feiyun. It was obvious he was really furious that day. Hes also quite highly skilled. He is likely one of the best among the Double Aristocrats. Also, this little brat has powerful backing. He will be someone extraordinary in the future.

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“The last time that such a super-genius appeared was over a thousand years ago, right? At that time, the number one warrior in Milky Way, Duan Xuan, had also gone through something like this too. But I think he only made it to level 27, right?”


“Yes!” The eight female servers hurriedly excused themselves as if they had received a pardon.


After this incident, Jiang Qianxue learned to control her emotionsthe most important process in her transformation.


“What should I do…”Jiang Qianxue muttered as she laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “What should I do… next? I want to look for him, but where should I go to look? I do not even have anyone to confide my thoughts to…”


Oh? I can decide the name? Scott touched his chin. It has to be attention-grabbing.


Once this little grey bird came out of the shell, it instantly started biting and eating the shell. It ate very quickly. In less than five minutes, it had actually finished the entire shell. After which, it even gave off a burp of satisfaction…


Because Jiang Qianxue was beside him. If she knew he had the Teleportation Ring from Brother Blue Dragon, who guarded level thirty of the Tower of Trials, a war between two women was sure to begin—one was a Galaxy Aristocrat, the other was his fiancée. This was the same logic as choosing who to save when both fell in the water. Should he save the legitimate fiancée or the Galaxy Aristocrat who was his pretend wife? It was a serious problem…



The main reason being that piracy didn’t exist in this world. To register for a filming company, he would have to go through several levels of checks. The films he produced also wouldn’t be just casually screened, they would be required to go through all kinds of professional checks—after all, the Milky Way Alliance was too large, the number of films here was too many, as vast as the ocean. If there weren’t any checks, audiences would have a hard time finding a few good films from an ocean of films.



While they were thinking about where to go, Luo Qiang contacted them from the pawnshop. Once the call was connected, it was evident that Luo Qiang was in despair. “Boss, I quit! I want to tender my resignation! I cannot take it anymore. Sob, sob, sob!”


If people knew that he was the number one person in the Milky Way, his days from then on definitely wouldn’t be enjoyable. Everyone was naturally aware of his meaning and all nodded.


Summoned by an Honorary Aristocrat was like gold falling from the skies. The two beautiful ladies approached him and into Tianyis arms. They were so excited their cheeks were red.

  • And if the person himself went to the city owner’s place, he would be directly promoted to a purple-level Honorary Aristocrat! Purple-level! What kind of power would he obtain!? What’s more, the Galaxy Aristocrats even announced that they would especially groom him and give him all kinds of high-level resources…
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