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The Galaxy Aristocrats only had a population of 200,000 plus people, all youngsters in their race were very precious. Yet, female Galaxy Aristocrats could only be impregnated when they fused with males who had the bloodline of the Galaxy Aristocrats. It was slightly better for men, it was possible for them to impregnate women from another race, but the chances were very low, less than one in a hundred.


As he spoke, he withdrew his long sword from his waist and posed with the tip of his sword pointed directly at Li Yang. He grinned and said, I did not expect to meet such a strong guard here. Even my hands are feeling a little restless. How about this? He said rakishly, I will concede you three moves. If I still win after that, let me through? As he spoke his eyes were transfixed on Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Jiang Qianxue. He tried to decide who was the prettiest but came to the conclusion that all three of them were equally pretty!


Of course, there would be a shortage of four hundred million. Although he was a prodigal, it should be okay for him to sell something. To avoid accidents, Hong Dali gave a decisive instruction. One for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. Sell as many as possibles. It takes up too much space. That was the truth. The armors and gems took up a huge space in the space watch. Hong Dali did not like that.


“Brother Tianzong.” Hong Dali thought for a long while but still couldn’t think of anything. In the end, Hong Dali shook his head and said, “I don’t seem to lack anything…”


This was a tiger that had mutated from eating Dali beans. It was five-meters-long, about the size of a medium-sized car. Hong Dali had cheekily clad it in a full suit of armor fully embedded with attribute gems!


Uh, uh Hong Dali struggled and finally managed to lift his face up. He hit the nail on the head. Sister Zhang Yi, are you out of money?

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“This Hong Dali, will he do anything to me in the middle of the night…” Jiang Qianxue pondered for a long time before finally laying on the bed. She was quite tired and soon fell asleep…


Honestly speaking, the great Uncle Eagle Eye and the super great Mister Gate were really efficient when they worked. Mihawk waved his black sword about wildly and hacked vehemently at everything. As long as it was something that did not seem pleasing, he hacked it off! Mister Gate followed behind moving and piling up all the bits that got hacked off. First, they made a circle on the ground, then they further cut the hacked off material into smaller pieces. Li Yang and the other lackeys went out and bought back something that worked like cement and plastered it on the circle of chips…


Tianyi kissed them on their cheeks and laughed. Not bad, not bad. Hahaha. Im so happy today!


Mister Gate’s eyes positively shone. “Wahahahaha! Good! Let me see what you got!”


Yes, Dad. Li Nianwei smiled gently. She took a glance at Hong Dali with eyes like warm jade. She blushed slightly and nodded. Young Master treats me very well. I will never forget his kindness toward us. Dad, mum, dont worry.


“That’s right. Currently, in the Milky Way Alliance, the filming industry is the most lucrative industry, and also the hardest industry to go into. Each film requires tens of millions of dollars to produce. If he makes a loss, this will impact a large part of his assessment performance. If it wasn’t because of this, Master would have given this filming company away long ago. It’s just that no one dared to want it in the past!”


“What day is it? Why are there so many spacecraft…” The unfeeling bastard did not link the spacecraft of the Galaxy Aristocrats to him at all. He got up, got dressed, and rubbed his eyes. “I’m hungry…” Then, he looked at Jiang Qianxue who was sitting at the edge of the bed. “Are you hungry?”



Nianwei ah, Li Nianweis father placed his hand on hers, reminding her. our family background is ordinary and cannot be compared to others. It is all thanks to Young Master Dali that you are here. You must be grateful to him. Even animals know how to protect their masters. We cant be worse than animals, right? You must help Young Master when youre out with him. Dont let him be too tired. Do you understand?



He would just add one year for now. It was not good for the kid to grow up too fast. He should at least have a childhood, right? He would add one year first. He had the points anyway, he could add on to his lifespan slowly later on.


There was not much competition between both. Ordinary Honorary Aristocrats and Double Honorary Aristocrats were under two different systems. There was no dispute of interest. Hence, it was easier to establish a relationship.


Of course. Hong Dali smiled. Since Big Brother Tianzong has given me a movie company, we need to make a movie!

  • These few were the real masters! The thing that they sent over last time was going to be the finale of the auction. The Goblin did not dare to slight them. He forced a big smile and nodded. Immediately! I will appraise it immediately! I will go get my senior now! Right away!
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